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News from JYMedtech in China

Opening ceremony of the
Opening ceremony of the Hubei JXBio peptide industrialization base in Xianning, Hubei.

The completion ceremony of the first phase of the peptide APIs industrialization base was celebrated.
Publish time: 2019-05-18
On the morning of May 18, 2019, the inauguration ceremony of the first phase of the peptide APIs industrialization base of Hubei JXBio was held in Xianning, Hubei. Leaders of Xianning City, Xian'an District Committee and Government, Shenzhen Xingyin Investment Group, Xingyin Pharmaceutical Group, Nanjing Xingyin Pharmaceutical, JYMed and other business leaders, all project staff, project construction and supplier representatives gathered in Hubei JXBio Peptide APIs Industrialization Base celebrates this historical moment.

Mr. Yao Zhiyong, the general manager of JYMed and Hubei JXBio, first delivered a speech. He said that the peptide industry is a sunrise industry with strong vitality that is in line with the development trend of the market and is encouraged and supported by the national policy. The successful completion of the first phase of Hubei JXBio Peptide APIs Industrialization Base can promote the industrialization of the company's research and development results, form economic benefits, improve core competitiveness, and provide a good guarantee for the smooth progress of the project. At the same time, it will also form good social benefits. It will have a positive radiation effect on attracting foreign investment, introducing technology and talents, and promoting the development of regional medicines and related industries in the Xian'an area, achieving simultaneous and harmonious development of economic, social and environmental benefits.

News from JYMedtech in China

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Mr. Liu Tingfu, Chairman of Shenzhen Xingyin Pharmaceutical Group, delivered an important speech, stating that Xingyin Pharmaceutical Group is a company that grew up along with the vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical industry. For more than ten years, Xingyin Pharmaceutical has been committed to the peptide business. Now we have cultivated a well-structured talent team, equipped with high-end leading R&D equipment, and stocked a number of new peptide drugs at home and abroad. We are currently in full swing to develop a large base that matches future development.

The first phase of the Peptide API Industrialization Base was now completed. It is an important node for the development of Xingyin Medicine. It is the result of JYMed's efforts, and it is a new opportunity and a good start for the development of Peptide Industrialization. We will use this as a starting point to promote the follow-up project construction quickly and with high quality, and realize the completion and commissioning of the whole line project as soon as possible.

News from JYMed in China

Colorful balloons rising up  at Hubei JXBio Peptid
Colorful balloons rising up at Hubei JXBio Peptid APIs Industrialization Base opening ceremony in Xianning, Hubei.
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Finally, the district government and the company leaders jointly launched the first phase of Hubei JXBio Peptide APIs Industrialization Base.

The successful completion of the first phase of Hubei JXBio project is a milestone in the company's industrialization of peptides, and will always be engraved in the history of the company's development. Wish the trial production of Hubei JXBio production line a smooth success, and wish Hubei JXBio greater achievements in the field of peptides.

IT is WAR !
IT is WAR !
Es ist ein russischer Angriffskrieg !

We have also made some overview of possibilities to help Ukraine, so just wanted to share with you:

1) There are two accounts our Central Bank (National Bank of Ukraine) officially opened:
• To support Ukraine’s armed forces:
• To support Ukrainians with humanitarian aid sue to Russian aggression:

2) Organization “Come Back Alive” founded in 2014 when Russia made there first attacks on Ukrainian sovereignty (I find this foundation quite important too, they are focused on defensive initiatives):

3) Help Ukraine website:

4) Quite an important international website “How you can support Ukraine” where a lot of information is gathered:
Specifically for Germany:

5) Red Cross:

6) World Health Organization are possible for medical:

7) Doctors Without Borders Organization who help a lot in Ukraine:

8) Leleka foundation:

Contacts I found directly in Germany:
1) Humanitas-Ukraine-Verein:
2) In Frankfurt I found: Katia Shostak (on Facebook), phone +4917657670952, telegram channel:

Stickers which one can order in Germany which are focused on supporting Ukraine:

Country-level donations (unfortunately, I cannot confirm whether they are trustworthy enough, would recommend to check locally):
1) Canada:[0]=AZUavW0OBplEG1wZGrddpI3NQ0DJib5h5xt2zMU8oY55uVGKAdKT5alfgP6aGVIiz4_czKxnF8APoLqIW2GamQlJMsHQVozjSefgI5JSj3Y9jFsSiN0A775r0netC40YGZTxNeu7JFTCwOIjt08JX_1rsfTIZ68ZVYND05BdM5U3E5yiOFKVuxuVB3ZIuXHkph0&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R&mc_cid=c151a46e3e&mc_eid=dc351734df
2) Romania:
3) Czech Republic:
4) Poland:
5) Germany (Köln):
6) Germany (München):

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